Oscar has extensive training and expertise in the following areas: Domestic/international terrorism, Weapons of mass destruction, SWAT, dignitary protection, vice and narcotics, active shooter, investigations, police survival training and leadership. Throughout Oscars career he has held various assignment and held different positions within his chosen profession, most recent, acting as SWAT commander for his previous department.

With over 23 years of law enforcement experience in south florida, including supervisor, undercover and Swat team leader. Oscar has experienced numerous deployments involving barricaded subjects, hostage/rescue situations, served several narcotics warrants, and search and rescue missions including Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma. Oscar received a citation, along with his team, from the U.S. Department of the Interior for bravery. Oscar has received extensive training and holds several instructor certifications. Oscar is a SWAT instructor, and has received many hours of practical hands on experience as a Dignitary Protections Specialist; His command experience is also invaluable. Oscar has received several unit citations, including two Officer of the Year awards from the State of Florida and an Officer of the Year award through his police department. Oscar also holds a First Degree Black Belt through the American Taekwondo Federation and continues today with martial arts as a judo practitioner. Oscars ability to provide enhanced security and planning to any corporate setting and/or organization in need is commensurate with his insight and experience in police tactics and enhanced security measures. Because of Oscars training and experience he has served as a Dignitary Specialist, responsible for the personal protection and safety of public figures.  Oscars an excellent communicator with the ability to convey complicated information in a rudimentary fashion. Oscar is also bi-lingual, having fluency in Spanish and English.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation in allowing me to provide an in-depth look at some of the experiences and knowledge that I have acquired throughout my career. My mission is simple: To provide enhanced knowledge in the area of police tactics, defensive tactics and survival, in an effective and collegial manner.