Executive Tactical Training, Inc. provides a friendly, diverse and tactically sound atmosphere that addresses a diverse client base, both domestically and internationally. Our company provides a wide array of services, and training topics, catering to law enforcement agencies, governmental agencies, places of worship, schools, hospitals and the private sector. Our training professionals have vast military, law enforcement and private sector experience. We provide classroom instruction, indoor and outdoor tactical training, live fire exercises and self defense training.  

All of our training professionals understand we live in a dangerous world. We are constantly under threat of violence not only from foreign enemies, but home grown violent criminals as well.  A Police Officer is killed every 54 hours in the United States; the figure for average citizens is even more shocking.  We at Executive Tactical Training, Inc. take our jobs very seriously. We provide the most updated training based on proven and reliable methods. Sure we are a business like every other business, but our number one priority is YOUR SAFETY! We will never compromise your safety for a quick buck. Most states have only minimal training standards; we believe this is inherently dangerous to our way of life. Thus, we have spent hundreds of hours preparing our curriculum, recruiting the right training professionals and ensuring our training methods are reliable. We understand you have choices but we believe we offer the most comprehensive and reliable package. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss what we can offer you and/or your organization. We look forward to hearing from you in the very near future

Because society is evolving, crime in some areas is becoming more rampant, there may be some instructional courses that you are interested in not listed on our website. Because of the diversity of our training and the background of our instructors we feel that we have the resources available to tailor to your training needs.  Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss the services we may provide you.

Sincerely from your friends and colleagues at Executive Tactical Training, Inc.